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Product news

New 360Player Features: April 2022 Release

April 5, 2022

It has officially been six weeks since our February release, which means our development team has had the time it needs to bring plenty of new and exciting updates to the 360Player platform. In this product update we will take a quick look at what’s new, what has changed, and what we can expect going forward.

Our Video Library Has A Fresh New Look

The video library has gotten an entirely new look, with improved search, easier navigation and better looking thumbnails. The sharing of content should also be easier with updated interactions on how to share videos, playlists, and collections.

Updated Menus

Speaking of visual changes, we have cleaned up our menu system as well. On the desktop sidebar menu we’ve sorted items into categories such as communication, development, reporting, and more so you can effortlessly find what you’re looking for. 

On mobile, we’ve added the calendar directly to the bottom menu. Now parents, players, and coaches can see their team’s schedule and events quicker than ever before. 

Calendar - Create Events In Subgroups

It is now possible to create events in groups other than your active one. This means that coordinators on top of the structure can create events in other groups, without leaving their active one.

Team List Redesigned

Another exciting new area that has seen a lot of development for this release is the team page. This page is where you can see all of the coaches, players, and parents that are inside the group. In this release we’ve made it possible to accept and manage pending requests for the group directly on the team page. In addition, coaches can now add virtual players. This makes it easier to keep track of players that aren’t normally a part of the group such as guest players as well as lays the foundation for scouting profiles in the future! 

New Payment Filters

Lastly, our users have been loving the functionality of our payment platform with clubs from all around the world now using 360Player to collect payments and club fees. In this release we have added new filters to the contacts page so that large organisations with many contacts have more options to sort and find the specific contacts they may be looking for. Search for contacts by products assigned, contacted added date, group role, and much more!

This concludes the bulk of our largest and most exciting updates in this release. Below are some additional minor features and bug fixes.

Minor features

  • Search inputs are now saved in the URL so navigating back and forth remembers search inputs
  • Navigation in desktop has been properly indexed for all roles
  • Swedish organizations will now force all users that have a role in the organization to update their Personal ID
  • New embeds of calendar events and collections
  • Answering a series invite will now automatically refresh the response for all invites on that series
  • All users can now be added to the lineup and statistics on a match event, not only players
  • Price titles are now displayed on tables in order creation rather than price types


  • Fixes a bug where animations could be lost in a playlist
  • Fixes a bug where subscriptions without a proper ID couldn’t be deleted
  • Fixes a bug where user role filter would fetch inactivated members
  • Fixes a bug where the end date of a date span wasn’t included in attendance report filter
  • Fixes a bug where Tax ID type wasn’t visually displayed when chosen
  • Fixes a bug where the chat input could have a scroll bar in desktop browsers
  • Fixes a bug where invites on the dashboard weren’t sorted chronologically when there were multiple series pending
  • Fixes a bug where event creation would crash if the correct time zone wasn’t fetched from the user
  • Fixes a bug where the select all checkbox wasn’t reset upon pagination in the invoice list
  • Fixes a bug where expired products weren’t displayed when a contact only had expired products
  • Fixes a bug where filtering and searching in the contact view would ignore the text search
  • Fixes a bug where pagination wasn’t possible if the past due filter was active on invoice list
  • Various other bug and performance fixes