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Product news

New 360Player Features: February 2022 Release

February 23, 2022

As always the development team at 360Player has been working hard to constantly improve our software and provide a more feature rich user experience for our customers. In this article we will take a look at some of the most anticipated new features that are now live on the 360Player platform!

New Features In The Calendar

360Player's calendar designed specifically for sports organizations is one of the most widely used features among our users. As an essential organizational and managment tool, it helps keep everyone on the same page from different teams and groups within a club. Now the best calendar for sports clubs offers more functionality than ever before.

Private Events

A highly requested feature from large organizations, it is now possible to create private events and event series. Now if you mark an event as private, only people that are invited to the event will be able to see it in the calendar. Private events give directors and coaches much more flexibility. For example, staff meetings can now be scheduled for coaches and admins which will not be visible to players or parents who are not invited. This is also a great way for coaches to schedule individual or small group meetings for development discussions or tactical talks, without creating tons of events on the group calendar that are irrelevant for those who are not invited. Keep in mind, parents can still view the events that their children are invited to. This is key for keeping a safe environment in the club and ensuring that parents know what is on their children's schedule.

To create a private event, simply check the 'Private event' option. The event will now only be visible on the calendars of the participants invited.
Invite People From The Entire Organization

It is now possible to invite any user in your organisation to an event, for example making it possible for players to be lent to different teams. This feature helps give administrators, admins, and staff total control of scheduling, without limitations.

New Features In Our Video Analytics Tool

What sets 360Player apart from other sports management softwares is that we're not just a club management tool- we also have features like statistics and video analytics to help players and teams reach their full potential! Our last release in December saw the addition of the video drawing tool where coaches could add animations and illustrations to their team's videos to point out key coaching points and tactical concepts. In this release we see even further functionality improvements that help to make our video tools very compelling compared to other top analysis tools on the market.

Event Tags

It is now possible to add tags to your clips in our video analysis tool. You can use our predefined tags or create your own to customize your video analysis experience just the way you want. Having the ability to tag clips makes it easy to sort and organize highlights in different categories. For example, coaches could create a tag called 'shot for' every time their team has a shot on goal, and 'shot against' every time the opposing team has a shot on goal. Create a tag for anything, regardless of your sport or the types of highlights you're creating, tags help you take total control!

Advanced Filters

With the addition of tags it is now also easier to filter among clips than ever before. You can search for tags in the search bar to see all clips tagged in a certain category, or even take it a step further and combine tags and clip statuses to find exactly what you're looking for! Advanced filters help you save time and enhance your video experience.

Bulk Adding To Playlists

Playlists are a great way to watch clips and highlights seamlessly back to back, even when the clips come from different games or video files! It is now possible to mark multiple clips that you've created and add to a playlist right away, instead of having to add them one by one. This makes making playlists even faster and easier!

Select multiple clips at the same time, then press 'Add to playlist' to add them all at once.

More Improvements In This Release

Profile Management

It is now easier to change your profile settings, and the editor has gotten a new look.

Minor Features
  • Price titles are now properly displayed when selecting them in the create order-flow
  • If a user hasn’t responded to a match invite, they will get a reminder to respond 24 hours after the first invite was sent
  • Country lists are now alphabetically ordered on all languages
  • When a contact has an assigned billing contact with a private Apple ID email, the email field will now be blank
  • Time zone will now default to the user’s locale
  • It is now possible to filter among multiple roles in the contacts list
  • Searching in the chat for people now displays a proper loading state
  • The calendar will now properly handle 24/12 hour time modes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a bug where phone numbers didn’t automatically start the phone app
  • Fixes a bug where the team list could display undefined on parent information
  • Fixes a bug where practice game flag wasn’t set correctly on match events
  • Fixes a bug where the app could crash if a custom thumbnail was set when editing a videos properties
  • Fixes a bug where creating a session without a title on a practice event could result in a crash
  • Fixes a bug where event series could display the wrong dates on Custom interval recurring options
  • Fixes a bug where parents wouldn’t see stats for their children
  • Fixes a bug where navigating between filtered views in the training library could result in a crash
  • Fixes a bug where parents data sometimes wasn’t properly submitted when finishing onboarding
  • Fixes a bug where response status didn’t instantly update on calendar events
  • Fixes a bug where the assigned new billing contact’s name isn’t always visible after bulk assigning
  • Fixes a bug where the products filter wasn’t looking at the filter properties
  • Fixes a bug where a user could display a blank line on events if the where removed from the group
  • Fixes a bug where navigating in the calendar on months with 31 days could skip a month
  • Fixes a bug where filtering in a paginated view could display the wrong pagination result
  • Fixes a bug where the team average strain could display the wrong level
  • Multiple other bugs, performance and polish fixes