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Product news

New 360Player Features: June 2022 Release

June 29, 2022

In this release of 360Player we are launching many anticipated features and updates to the platform. Our development team has been working hard to get you the best tools to kickstart the season after summer.

In this post we will give you a detailed list of what's new, or check out the video below to see the biggest updates in greater detail:

New features


Now admins can create a master schedule for the entire club, super-fast. The scheduling tools come with a new resource management system where you can add everything from fields to cameras and other club resources. Contact your 360Player representative to get this feature activated for you!

Registrations (Beta)

Our registration tool can now be accessed by select customers. Easily create forms to collect data for your memberships, camps and cups, and connect them to checkouts to easily charge for your operations. Note that your organization needs to be using 360Player payments in order to use the feature.

The registration service comes with a full on registration website for you to use, so that people from outside the club can register to the events that you create.

This feature will get many updates within the beta, contact your 360Player representative to get started using our registration tools.

Playback effects in video

In the video tool you can now add playback effects to your clips! Add a pause, slow motion or fast forward effect to your clips, and combine them with all the other animations that you can already use in the 360Player video editing tool.

Parent and child management pages

Parents and children have now gotten a new page to manage their connections. In your personal settings, parents will now find a “My children”-tab, and children will see a “My parents”-tab. From here it is easy to manage your child’s account.

Parents are now able to accept other parents connection request to their child, as well as edit profile information for their children would it be necessary.

Required information collection

Select organizations now have a way to prompt required information to be collected on all of the users within the organization, reducing the manual workload of data collection.

Account deletion

It is now possible to initiate a deletion of your account automatically from your privacy settings, would you want to clear your relation with 360Player.

Minor features

  • Parents can now see their child’s info and contact profile
  • Parents can now edit their child’s profile settings
  • Parents can now initiate chats with their own children
  • Users can now be reported from the user management tab
  • A clear error message is now displayed when there is a duplicate personal id in the organization (Sweden only)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug where creating a playlist used the wrong form
  • Fixes a bug where videos with too long titles could break the editor and play mode layout
  • Fixes a bug where adding a video from a match didn’t link it automatically
  • Fixes a bug where in-app embeds of playlists always displayed 0 clips
  • Fixes a bug where contacts over multiple pages couldn’t be selected for invoicing
  • Fixes a bug where parents sometimes didn’t receive an in-app notification for calendar invites
  • Fixes a bug where merging contacts didn’t display the correct merging data
  • Fixes a bug where editing a contact returned the user to the dashboard instead of the single contact view
  • Fixes a bug where group filter could break in the event create form
  • Fixes a bug where editing a product returned the user to the dashboard instead of the single product view
  • Fixes a bug where notifications could render in the wrong order, making the notifications list constantly scrolling to the top of the view
  • Fixes a bug where the mark as paid option on a single contact’s invoice had the wrong copy
  • Fixes a bug where certain users could get a “Forbidden” error code when accessing certain collections in the training library