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Product news

New 360Player Features: May 2022 Release

May 25, 2022

The latest release of 360Player includes some exciting new features to manage your club more effectively. In this article we’ll take a brief look at some of the biggest things that have been added.  

Payments For Mobile

Firstly, clubs from all over the world have been loving the ease and convenience of collecting payments inside the 360Player platform. And now, we’ve expanded the convenience of this service with payments for mobile. With this release administrators can get access to all the payment tools they’ve been using on desktop from any mobile device! Now sending invoices to hundreds of members at the same time, or managing products seamlessly can be done right from a smartphone. 

Updated Mobile Menu System

Speaking of the 360Player mobile experience, we’ve also streamlined the mobile menu and navigation system. 

From the dashboard you can quickly create new content such as a post, event, or training session, while the bottom menu has added space for more navigation options. When you press the menu button you’ll notice the full mobile menu has also gotten a facelift with branded colors and indexed navigation items.

Training Library Update

The training library has also gotten some updates with a new look and added features. For instance, it is now possible to search for tags and combine them in the search results, as well as search within collections.

Forms & Registrations (Beta)

One highly requested feature that we are excited to introduce is our beta version of forms and registrations. Select customers will over the following weeks be able to test the new features to collect form responses to handle sign ups for teams and events, as well as collect payments in a streamlined process from start to finish.

Reporting Tools For User Generated Content

Lastly, 360Player takes the security of our users seriously which is why we have added reporting tools for user generated content. In the unlikely event that content is created that goes against our privacy policy or guidelines, users are now able to report it to protect and prevent any inappropriate content from being shared within the platform.

This concludes the majority of the larger changes to our latest version of 360Player. Stay tuned as our development team are working on many more exciting changes coming in future releases that we can’t wait to share with you.

In addition, here are some smaller changes also included in this release:

New tiers introduced

Clubs can now decide on different tiers for different teams in the club structure. Depending on your license, you can decide if a feature is on or off on a group per group level.

Minor features

  • Participants retroactively added to an event now has the attended status as a default
  • Data from imported matches will keep syncing event though event details are changed
  • Parents are now automatically assigned as the primary billing contact for their connected children
  • App splash screens now has an updated look
  • The staff role can now be added to organization wide chats


  • Fixes a bug where admins with inherited roles couldn’t create collections in the video or training library
  • Fixes a bug where sometimes deleting an event could lead to a non-existing page
  • Fixes a bug where filter for LOK-status returned some wrong results
  • Fixes a bug where the Send invites toggle wasn’t visible on Edit series view
  • Fixes a bug where the latest match block wasn’t linked once a result was added to the match
  • Fixes a bug where long page titles could break the mobile layout
  • Fixes a bug where line items sometimes weren’t fetched on the invoice page
  • Fixes a bug where it wasn’t possible to add more than one development goal for players in the mobile player profile
  • Fixes a bug where sorting on contacts list only worked once before a page refresh
  • Fixes a bug where page titles were too large for the navigation pills
  • Fixes a bug where development goals couldn’t be set to the General category unless manually selected twice
  • Fixes a bug where admins couldn’t see certain parent contact information
  • Fixes a bug where private comments weren’t displayed properly in mobile video play mode